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 Private Pilates Sessions 

 One-on-one sessions that are as unique as you are! These sessions are all about you: your goals, your needs. Virtual private sessions are mat-based while our in-studio private sessions center around the reformer and other pilates apparatus. During your first session, we’ll spent some time getting to know you, chatting about your body’s history and actively listening to you describe what you’re looking to get out of your sessions. We’ll meet you where you are, help you push through the plateaus, refine your goals as we progress and ultimately take you to the next level.  New moms are welcome to BYOB- bring your own baby- to your in-studio private session. Babies must be able to remain in a stroller, car seat, bassinet, or bouncer during the session.

Private Reformer Pilates Sessions (50 minutes)

  • Single $95
  • 5 pack- $460 ($92/session)
  • 10 pack- $880 ($88/session)
  • New Client Offer- 3 sessions for $179

Virtual Private Mat Pilates (45 minutes)

  • Single $75
  • 5 pack – $360 ($72/session)
  • 10 pack- $660 ($66/session)
  • New Client Offer- 2 sessions for $99

Small Group Pilates Reformer Classes 

Pump Small Group Reformer (50 minute class) – It’s hard to call these “classes” with only a max of 4 people. This is more like a semi-private pilates session. Lots of one-on-one attention from your instructor, modifications easily made to make your session more challenging or less, we meet you wherever you are when you walk through our doors.  New moms are welcome to BYOB- bring your own baby- to all weekday morning classes. Babies must be able to remain in a stroller, car seat, bassinet, or bouncer during the session.

Pump It Up Jump(board) (50 minute class) -What’s more fun than a regular small group reformer class you may wonder? A Pump it Up Jump Reformer class, that’s what! This class incorporates the jumpboard for a heart-pumping total body workout.

Reformer Burn: Fullbody (50 minute class) – Like a Pump Small Group Reformer Class, just a little “extra.” A fun, fresh total body workout that targets all the major muscle groups. Props like hand weights, the magic circle, and pilates balls are incorporated to bring a little fire to this reformer-based workout.

Pricing Options

  • Single- $40
  • 5 pack- $190 ($38/session)
  • 10 pack- $360 ($36/session)
  • New Client Offer- 2 classes for $39


Mat-BASED Classes

Pilates Mat (45 minute class) – Small, intimate, awesome. This isn’t just another pilates mat class. With a max of 6 people per class, you’ll get a ton of individual attention and learn to perfect your form. Prepare to strengthen, lengthen and tone every inch of that bod. 

Pilates Mat: Athletic Flow (45 minute class) – Fast-paced and flowy, this class will get your heart rate up while we strengthen, lengthen and tone every inch of that bod. 

Pump reMix (45 minute class) -This class has it all- cardio, HIIT, strength training, pilates, barre- a true one-of-a-kind Pump mashup! And it’s set to some kicka$s music. What more can ya ask for? 

Strengthen. Lengthen. Ohm. (45 minute class) – Do yoga (Pump style) in this hybrid class that mixes strength training, pilates and yoga for a killer total body workout. Strengthen body and soul in this 50 minute sweat sesh. Another Pump original that does not disappoint. 

Pricing Options

  • Single  – $25

  • 5 pack- $110 ($22/class)
  • 10 pack- $200 ($20/class)

Pump It Up Training Sessions 

A one-of-a-kind mashup of pilates and personal training. We have no “big gym” equipment. Instead we utilize body weight, reformers and lots of props: magic circles, resistance bands, free weights, kettlebells, medicine balls, plyo boxes. This is a combo of strength training, conditioning and some good old fashioned pilates. A truly unique full-body strength/cardio/pilates blend that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Pump It Up Training Sessions (50 minutes)

  • Single $95
  • 5 pack- $460 ($92/session)
  • 10 pack- $880 ($88/session)
  • New Client Offer- 3 sessions for $179


You won’t find this offered at any other studio in town. Exclusive use of a reformer and all the props you could dream of for 50 blissful minutes. Certified instructor on site and at the ready to answer any questions, help make modifications, offer any guidance and to ensure you are practicing safely. Pre-req required. 

Requirements: Pre-requisite of 10 private sessions or 20 group classes; pre-requisite will be waived if you have been practicing reformer pilates for at least 1 year, are a certified instructor, or are in the process of completing an instructor certification.

  • Single $25
  • 5 pack- $110 ($22/hr)

Reformer Stretch

25 minutes devoted entirely to restorative stretch exercises on the reformer, awesome after a long day of sitting at a desk, standing on your feet, or right after a super challenging pilates class. 

Restorative Reformer Stretch (25 minutes)

  • Single- $20
  • 5 pack- $90 ($18/class)


This class is dedicated to our 65+ active seniors!!! This slow-to-moderately paced class will take you through a low-impact, big results workout incorporating the reformer and light weight training. Gain mobility and strength, increase flexibility and balance, and most importantly, have some FUN! 

  • Single- $35
  • 5 pack- $150



  The Fine Print


Cancellation Policy
Please provide 24 hours advance notice if you will be unable to attend group pilates classes or private pilates sessions and 12 hours advance notice if you cannot attend open pilates hour. 

If classes or sessions are cancelled outside of the cancellation window, the session/class will be deducted from your package as if you had attended.  If you are an Unlimited Member, a $15 cancellation fee will apply for late cancellations.

Expiration of Packages

  • Single classes and sessions expire 1 month from purchase date
  • 5 packs of classes and sessions expire 2 months from purchase date
  • 10 packs of classes and sessions expire 3 months from purchase date
  • Memberships classes/sessions do not roll over from month-to-month

Referral Policy

Refer a friend to our studio and we’ll reward you! For each friend you refer who purchases a package beyond the new client special, you’ll receive a free class on us! If you are exclusively a private client and you refer a friend, we’ll give you a $25 credit to be used toward a future purchase.

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