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Jenn is a local Hoboken mom of three little girls, a life-long fitness devotee, and a former stay-at-home-mom turned #momboss. Jenn discovered Pilates after her 2nd pregnancy left her with compressed nerves in her back and significant diastasis recti. Pilates helped her recover from both and she was hooked. Six months into her practice, she began training to become a certified instructor through Balanced Body.

After completing her pilates training, Jenn pursued her certification in personal training through NASM and now holds several specializations in the field, including one in Women’s Fitness and one in Sunrise Yoga. She also holds a master’s degree from Boston College in Counseling Psychology, which affords her a unique understanding and perspective of the human psyche, and adds tremendous value in her ability to coach, motivate and support her clients.

During her years of experience as both a consumer and an instructor, and eventually as a co-owner of a former boutique fitness studio, Jenn noticed that many women found Pilates (and Pilates studios) to be incredibly intimidating. Pump was created to break down this barrier and make Pilates more accessible and less intimidating- to everyBODY and anyBODY.

Jenn created Pump to offer the women of her local community an unassuming, welcoming and inclusive space to workout. Rooted at Pump’s foundation is the belief that everyBODY is unique, and Jenn’s intention with Pump is to celebrate that uniqueness and teach her clients to workout safely and effectively for THEIR bodies, so that they can reap the health benefits of Pilates. Jenn believes there are only two requirements to achieving a “pilates body”: 1) having a body and 2) doing pilates.

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