What is Pilates?

Pilates is a low-impact, core-intensive workout with a deep focus on body alignment that works to strengthen, lengthen, and tone the whole body. Among the many benefits of pilates is increased core strength, improved postural alignment, greater flexibility and muscle endurance, and improved balance.

Is Pilates like yoga?

While there are some characteristics shared by both yoga and pilates such as an emphasis on breathing, body alignment and awareness, balance and flexibility, pilates and yoga are two distinct exercise methodologies with two different sets of goals. Whereas yoga has a meditative element that looks to improve your spiritual and mental health, relieve stress and increase relaxation and flexibility, pilates emphasises core strength and overall strengthening, lengthening and toning of the body.

Does Pilates Help With Weight Loss?

Pilates is a movement modality that works to strengthen, lengthen and tone the body. As a movement modality, it can assist in weight loss, especially when used in conjunction with an overall wellness plan that includes cardiovascular activity and well-balanced nutrition.

How long does it take Pilates to work?

EveryBODY is different but generally speaking, if you consistently practice pilates 2-3 times per week, in 4 weeks you will FEEL a difference, by 8 weeks you will SEE it, and in 12 weeks you will have a completely different body.

Can I take a class if I have never done pilates before?

Yes, you are more than welcome to jump into a class, even if you have never done pilates before. Because our classes are so small, our instructors are able to make modifications for all levels of practice. However, we do always recommend starting with our introductory offer of 3 private sessions, especially if you are just beginning your fitness journey or returning to it after a long hiatus, if you are currently pregnant, or if you have any health issues that may require modifications.

What do I wear to a Pilates class?

We recommend wearing workout clothes, like leggings and a tee/tank. Stick to more form-fitting clothing and avoid loose, baggy clothing. This allows our instructors to more readily monitor your alignment and muscle engagement. And there is always a chance that loose, baggy clothing could get caught on the equipment!

Can I Create My Own Membership?

At Pump, we know that every BODY is unique. We’ll work with you to create a membership package that’s as unique as you are.  You can create a membership-based on one service or a combination of services. Pricing varies depending on the services selected.

“I have been taking Pilates with Jenn for over two years now and I absolutely love it! I never get bored and her classes always challenge me in a good way. I always leave her class feeling great and look forward to going every week!”

Lauren R.