everybody is unique


Pump is the brainchild of local resident and pilates devotee turned certified instructor Jennifer Shukofsky. A life-long fitness enthusiast and mom to three little girls, Jennifer understands that every BODY is unique and ever-changing.  During her time as a consumer and instructor, and later as a co-owner of a former local fitness studio, Jennifer noticed that many women found Pilates (and Pilates studios) to be incredibly intimidating. Pump was created to break down this barrier and make Pilates more accessible and less intimidating- to everyBODY and anyBODY.  Jennifer created Pump to offer the women of her local community an unassuming and inclusive space to workout and experience Pilates. Rooted at Pump’s foundation is the belief that every BODY is unique, and at Pump uniqueness is celebrated and clients are taught to workout safely and effectively- for THEIR bodies. We welcome pre- and postnatal clients, post-rehab clients, long-time devotees and beginners alike. With offerings you won’t find anywhere else, like Open Pilates Reformer Hour, Reformer Stretch, BYOB (Bring-You-Own-Baby) Classes, Pilates for Life- Ages 65+, Pump It up Training, Reformer Burn, and Customizable Memberships, Pump is not just another Pilates studio. Pump is Pilates, rePurposed.

our Methodology


At Pump, we believe all forms of movement begin from the core. From the core, we activate extremities, we move our spines and we control our heads. To strengthen the core- by extension- is to strengthen the whole body. We help our clients connect the core to every form of movement.

While we retain many of the guiding principles of Pilates founder, Joseph Pilates, we take a modern approach to the classics. You will sweat, you will be challenged, and you will discover muscles you never knew you had. And your body will thank you. 

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Monday - Thursday: 

6 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Friday: 6 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Weekends: 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.



EMAIL: info@pumphoboken.com



401 Bloomfield Street

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1422 Grand Street, Suite 5A

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